Marketing and Advertising

Trends and Challenges Facing Advertisers:

  • New regulations and policies at the national and global levels that threaten to restrict some types of advertising such as food and beverage marketing, social media, and marketing to children
  • New opportunities to extend self-regulation of marketing and advertising in key countries and regions

USCIB’s Response:

  • Advocate for multi-stakeholder initiatives and the central role of science- and evidence-based data in developing policy
  • Press for policies at the OECD that create the right incentives and collaborative environments to drive investment in innovation and technology
  • Advance voluntary consumer initiatives, responsible marketing, and healthy lifestyles

Magnifying Your Voice with USCIB:

  • USCIB is the only U.S. business association formally affiliated with the world’s three largest business organizations where we work with business leaders across the globe to extend our reach to influence policymakers in key international markets to American business
  • Build consensus with like-minded industry peers and participate in off-the-record briefings with policymakers both home and abroad.

Positions and Statements

ICC Statement on Code Interpretation/Reference Guide on Advertising to Children (12/15/2016) - The Reference Guide on Advertising to Children can be found here.  ICC Statement on Code Interpretation The International Chamber of Commerce Consolidated
ICC Underscores Importance of Freedom of Commercial Communication (11/30/2015) - A new ICC statement urges governments to reject general advertising bans and overly prescriptive restrictions on truthful commercial communications

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News Stories

ICC Releases New Code of Conduct for Global Marketing Industry (9/25/2018) - The new edition of the flagship ICC Marketing Code raises consumer protection standards around the world and expands rules in
ICC Academy Launches Free e-Course on Responsible Marketing and Advertising (2/8/2018) - The ICC Academy has launched a new e-course based on the world business organization's internationally-recognized Marketing and Advertising Code.

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Press Releases

New Marketing Code Raises Consumer Protection Standards Around the World (9/15/2011) - New York, N.Y., September 15, 2011 –New protection for Internet users – along with detailed standards for marketers selling to

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Getting the Green Message Right: A New Framework for Environmental Marketing (1/26/2010) - New York, N.Y., January 26, 2010 –  As more consumers consider environmental features important in their purchasing decisions, businesses have

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Staff Contact:   Kira Yevtukhova

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Kira Yevtukhova manages USCIB’s print and online publications, including the website, e-newsletter and quarterly magazine, and serves as the organization’s digital media strategist. Prior to this role, Kira worked for over five years within USCIB’s Policy Department, focusing on climate change, environment, nutrition, health, and chemicals related policy issues. She is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and is currently pursuing an MBA at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business.
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