ATA Carnet & Trade Services

Declan Daly

Senior Vice President and CFO
Tel: 212.703.5059

Dale Ogasawara

Assistant Director, Carnet Claims Mitigation
Tel: 212.703.5071

Frankie Raddish

Senior Trade Advisor
Tel: 212.703.5066

Eric Robinson

Accounting and Claims Mitigation Analyst
Tel: 212.703.5078

Michael Sicangco

Foreign Claims Examiner, Carnet Claims Mitigation
Tel: 212.703.5089

Tatianna Sample

Administrative Assistant
Tel: 212.703.5067

Glendy Sung

Director of SP Audit Compliance and Business Analyst
Tel: 212.703.5073

Anna Zhang

Director, Claims Administration
Tel: 212.703.5075