Member Staff News: USCIB Membership Growth Driven by New Issues

By Bill Martin

Bill Martin, USCIB’s Vice President for Membership
Bill Martin, USCIB’s Vice President for Membership

Welcome to USCIB’s new members in 2007!   We are thrilled to have such a diverse and prestigious group of companies, law firms and associations join and contribute to the work we do.   We will work hard to deliver the value that companies continue to expect from USCIB membership.

Critical areas that have secured membership include, for example, the work of our Customs Committee, with its formal channel into the World Customs Organization, its work on security and trade facilitation regulations as well as on mutual recognition programs for U.S. and EU border security requirements.

Another area of importance is the comprehensive work of our China Committee, especially how the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD, part of USCIB’s global network, leverages the OECD’s strong advisory relationship with the Chinese government as it continues down the path of economic reform and liberalization.

Why have so many organizations joined USCIB in 2007?   From the perspective of our  policy advocacy work, our new members have identified a number of areas, from among the comprehensive set of over 30 international policy issues areas we cover, that USCIB can address on their behalf.

USCIB’s Arbitration Committee has drawn interest because it allows members to influence the ICC International Court of Arbitration, participate on ICC arbitration task forces and receive advance notice when the court nominates arbitrators.

The work of our Product Policy Working Group, which addresses international chemicals regulations and how these affect U.S. firms, has provided a strong conduit for membership.  In addition, our Marketing and Advertising Committee’s work on the roll-out of the ICC’s Marketing and Advertising Code of self-regulation, plus our Tax Committee’s attention to such bottom-line issues as the OECD’s model rules on business restructuring, have also garnered the interest of new member.

More broadly, organizations join USCIB because of our unique international channels that allow members to influence the policy-making process before regulations are determined.  They also value the access to critical decision-makers and multilateral institutions that influence regulatory policy in regions where member companies operate.  And they are attracted to USCIB’s comprehensive array of international policy information that supplement in-house staff and knowledge.

If your organization is interested in joining USCIB, or if you’re already members but know someone who should be involved, please let us know!  Contact USCIB Member Service at +1 212-703-5064.

USCIB’s Chairman on the “Sentinel CEO”

Dealing with terrorism, pandemics and other previously unimaginable events is now top of mind for business executives, writes USCIB Chairman William G. Parrett in a new book, The Sentinel CEO: Perspectives on Security, Risk, and Leadership in a Post -9.11 World (John Wiley & Sons; $29.95; July 2007).  Mr.Parrett, senior partner and former CEO with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, shares the thoughts of CEOs around the world on their new approaches to corporate security and risk management.

The book suggests change is underway: risk management is evolving to become integrated into a company’s strategic activities and corporate culture, more lateral thinking to imagine the unimaginable is emerging, and companies are dealing more and more with anti-western sentiments.  Mr. Parrett underscores how a corporation’s core values can help it address and recover from unforeseen threats.  He concludes that, in the long run, those organizations that most effectively and efficiently manage risks in a holistic sense, in terms of both existing assets and future growth, will outperform those that do not.

Other Member News

In July, USCIB Vice Chair Stuart McGill announced his retirement from ExxonMobil after 38 years with the company. … New USCIB Trustees: Inge Thulin (executive vice president, 3M Company), Ian Read (president of worldwide pharmaceutical operations, Pfizer Inc), and Geoffrey Merszei (executive vice president and CFO, Dow Chemical Company).  Mr. Merszei also joins the Executive Committee, USCIB’s board of directors. … Executive Committee member Lionel Johnson has joined GoodWorks International Consulting, a firm founded by former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Andrew Young, as senior vice president.

Staff Contact:   Abby Shapiro

Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development
Tel: 212.703.5064

Abby Shapiro is responsible for evaluating and growing new products, services and programs that provide new revenue streams to USCIB, add value to membership and support USCIB’s mission and vision.
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