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Maximizing Membership. Optimizing Participation

Member retention is high on our priority list at USCIB. A new series of briefings, entitled “Maximizing Membership. Optimizing Participation,” is designed to increase member engagement through learning about the range of policy issues covered at USCIB, and offers members insight into the scope of USCIB’s advocacy and our 2013 priorities. Our goal is to have every member briefed, to have their questions answered and to have everything they need to get the most value from their investment in USCIB. With briefings offered to new and longtime members alike, both groups have told us they learned something new about what USCIB offers, and that they plan to take the information back to their colleagues to encourage them to get involved. More than 50 companies have participated since the series was launched in February 2013, and we can already point to increased engagement on many of our committees, thereby delivering more value for your membership dollars. To schedule a briefing for your company, contact Alison Hoiem, Member Services Director (

2013 has been a banner year for new corporate membership, with a diverse group of companies from a wide range of industries joining the ranks of USCIB members. These include Darden, Dell, Deutsche Telecom, DIAGEO, McDonalds, Nabors Industries, Mozilla, Nissan NA, Target and TD Bank. While each new member joins us for specific policy issues that are important to their business, they also recognize the critical and unique value USCIB provides to all members – regardless of industry or specific interests – by delivering three things even these very large companies cannot do by themselves:

  1. Global issues management team for…
    • informed analysis of emerging global issues
    • access to and influence with key international policymakers
  2. Peer network of leading global companies for…
    • insight on the experiences and responses of other companies
    • collective action to shape global policy debates
  3. Direct, proactive member support for…
    • amplifying company messaging though our global network
    • timely responses to support members and/or prevent issues

Isn’t it time you told your peers about USCIB? Contact Alison Hoiem, Member Services Director (, with prospects you think will benefit from joining USCIB – and Spread the Word!

USCIB Staff News

Diana Jack
Diana Jack
Rachel Spence
Rachel Spence

We welcome two new staff members to USCIB. Rachel Spence has joined us in New York as a Policy and Program Assistant. A graduate of Lafayette College, Rachel received her master’s degree in international affairs from George Washington University in May. We also welcome Diana Jack, who has joined our Washington office as a Policy and Program Assistant. Diana is a recent graduate of Washington University in St. Louis.

New USCIB Members

We are delighted to welcome the following companies and organizations as the newest members of USCIB:

Darden Restaurants

Greater Des Moines Partnership

To learn more about the benefits of membership in USCIB, please contact Alison Hoiem, Director of Member Services, at 202-682-1291 or

Staff Contact:   Abby Shapiro

Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development
Tel: 212.703.5064

Abby Shapiro is responsible for evaluating and growing new products, services and programs that provide new revenue streams to USCIB, add value to membership and support USCIB’s mission and vision.
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