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Winter 2008/2009

USCIB Even More Valuable in Tough Times

By William Martin, USCIB Senior Vice President for Development

During these difficult economic times, the first instinct of many companies and organizations will be to cut costs and perhaps cut memberships in organizations such as USCIB.  However, our response, not surprisingly I suppose, is that your membership in USCIB is more relevant and important than ever because these are such difficult economic times.

As the economy struggles, and in response to the financial crisis, we will see a push for more regulation and most likely a backlash against free trade and open markets.  Given USCIB’s mission to promote open markets and help business flourish, the private sector will need USCIB’s unique advocacy platforms and coverage to ensure prudent regulation — not over-regulation.

New USCIB Members

We warmly welcome Kraft Foods and the law firm Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP as the newest members of USCIB. To learn how membership can benefit your company, contact Alison Hoiem at (202) 682-1291 or

Whatever the issue may be, whether it involves free trade agreements, foreign investment restrictions, tax regulation, climate change policy or regulation of the Internet, USCIB’s “one-stop-shop” policy coverage and its international affiliates provide its members with the information and access needed as the international regulatory landscape undergoes what will likely be a dramatic transformation.  In addition, as members see their travel budgets slashed, they will need to rely more on USCIB staff to attend critical international negotiations and represent their interests.

While we obviously believe USCIB membership is valuable, particularly in this environment, we do understand that many of our members are facing difficult economic times and thus we are even more appreciative of the record number of companies that have already paid their dues for 2009.  We believe that these payments to USCIB reflect the value that USCIB is providing.

If you have paid your dues for 2009, thank you.  If you have not, we strongly hope that you will continue to see how valuable your membership in USCIB is and that you will remain a member.  I would encourage you to contact me if you have questions or concerns about membership.  As always, thank you for your support.

Contact Alison Hoiem at (202) 682-1291 or

USCIB Member News

USCIB Chairman William G. Parrett and Bill Sterrett of Roanoke Trade Services.
USCIB Chairman William G. Parrett and Bill Sterrett of Roanoke Trade Services.

At the November meeting of USCIB’s Executive Committee, Bill Sterrett, president of Roanoke Trade Services, Inc., was presented with an award by USCIB Chairman William G. Parrett, in recognition of Roanoke’s 30 years as outstanding years of service as an ATA Carnet service provider.  The Carnet system itself marks its 40th anniversary in the United States this year … Ann Condon, director and counsel for environmental health and safety programs with General Electric Company, has taken on the chair’s duties for USCIB’s Environment Committee, succeeding Terry Cullem of General Motors.

Global Network NewsMarie-C. Psimènos, the longtime general delegate (executive director) of ICC’s French national committee, stepped down from her post at the end of 2008. She will continue to serve as advisor to the chairman of ICC France during 2009. Madame Psimènos was succeeded by François Georges, former senior executive in the international department of EDF, one of the world’s leading energy groups. …The chief executive of the South African Chamber of Mines, Mzolisi Diliza, was named chair of ICC’s South African national committee.  Mr. Diliza said he intended to strengthen the ties between ICC South Africa’s sister organizations in Southern Africa to the ICC secretariat in Paris.

USCIB Staff News

Congratulations to Lynda Walker, USCIB’s vice president and International Tax Counsel, who was recently named a vice chair of the BIAC Taxation Committee, as well as to Ronnie Goldberg, executive vice president for policy, who is a new vice chair of BIAC’s Employment, Labor and Social Affairs Committee.

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