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“I want to thank all of you who are active members of USCIB for your commitment to innovation and open markets and the kind of partnership I think we have to bring America back  economically and ultimately socially and politically. “

Former U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton, 2011

“We need to come together and that’s exactly what USCIB is helping us to do – bring stakeholders together to tackle the toughest challenges”

Harold McGraw III, Chairman Emeritus, McGraw-Hill Financial; Chair, USCIB

“USCIB has a very strong global presence.  It’s a very strong voice for business and that global platform is going to drive the changes we need. That’s where business, public and private, meet and USCIB is right at the center”.

Mikael Hagstrom, EVP, EMA and Asia Pacific, SAS Institute; Member, USCIB Executive Board

“One challenge we face is delivering seamless service to our clients all over the world, mostly on the regulatory front.  USCIB is The premiere organization dealing with regulatory problems around the world, particuarly through its affiliates. It’s an international platform where we can get together with companies that have similar issues and address them collectively with governments around the world. There’s nothing else like it!

Charles P. Heeter, Managing Principal, Global Public Policy, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu; Member, USCIB, Executive Board; Chair, BIAC

“USCIB gives us entrée to places where guidance is being developed on related to how new technologies and new business models are going to be treated as well as an ability to talk to the people who are policymakers in this space so we can build coalitions and consensus with industry and also across multi-stakeholder communities including academia and civil society”.

Joseph Alhadeff, VP and Chief Privacy Strategist, Oracle Corporation; Member, USCIB Executive Board; Vice-Chair, USCIB ICT Committee.

“The U.S. can embrace the realities of the global economy and seize its opportunities. Or we can resist it.  That’s not a choice. That is why the work of USCIB continues to be so vitally important.  Because the issues you promote, the global advocacy you undertake, all centers around the same basic tenet: that the United States can thrive in the era of globalization”.

Andrew N. Liveris, Chair & CEO, The Dow Chemical Company; Member and Recipient, 2011 USCIB International Leadership Award

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Staff Contact:   Alison Hoiem

Vice President Membership
Tel: 202.682.1291

Alison Hoiem manages USCIB’s Member Services department and works to ensure that USCIB’s policy priorities are aligned with the needs of members. She also works to recruit new members to USCIB. Prior to joining USCIB in 2008 as membership assistant, she served as an account executive at several public relations agencies, where she worked with a number of association clients.
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