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To celebrate a new title, Using Franchising to Take Your Business International, we the USCIB International Bookstore is offering a 10 percent discount on this title and two bundle options.

Using Franchising to Take Your Business International

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International franchising can be highly rewarding. Why, when and how a successful franchisor should go international are some of the questions addressed by this book. This guide will help you decide whether to take the next step by outlining the difference between common law and civil law, as well as legislation in different countries and states. Aside from legal considerations, this title covers the business issues of potential risks and pitfalls, market and financial research, and candidate choice. Country-specific information and checklists will allow you to customize your franchise contracts.

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The ICC Model Franchising Contract will help save valuable time when preparing franchising agreements, whereas Drafting and Negotiating International Commercial Contracts highlights the challenges companies might face when doing business internationally.

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