New Research Papers Advance Discussion of the Green Economy

4403_image002USCIB and the United States Council Foundation are delighted to announce publication of the Green Perspectives papers as a special supplement of the peer-reviewed journal Energy Economics. The special supplement is available by clicking here.

The Green Economies Dialogue initiative worked with the editors of Energy Economics to invite respected authors to contribute their views and perspectives on a wide range of green economy topics of importance to companies operating in global markets and to society as a whole:

  • green growth
  • green jobs
  • green finance
  • green economic development
  • green energy options
  • green consumer information and
  • green supply chain management.

Individually and as a collection, these papers provide a major foundational academic contribution to the field, and they can help to inform business and other policy and decision-makers as efforts continue to develop a greener, more prosperous world.

USCIB and the United States Council Foundation were proud to play a prominent role in the Green Economies Dialogue project (see  We thank the sponsors, national governments, authors and others who participated in and contributed to GED. Special recognition is due BIAC, the Business and Industry Advisory Committee OECD, for its leadership and engagement.

Publication of Green Perspectives completes the second major task of the GED that began early in 2011 as a process to create dialogue among governments, academics, think tanks, international organizations and business during the lead-up to the UN Rio+20 summit held earlier this year.  Its overall goals were to enhance understanding of green economy issues and, through dialogue, to promote more effective policies and actions to restore economic growth and promote a greener economy.

The Green Economies Dialogue initiative now enters a planned stocktaking phase to consider what was learned from the dialogues and papers, and to assess future directions and ways forward, especially in the international process.

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Norine Kennedy promotes U.S. business participation in international environmental policy and management initiatives, and works closely with industry, government and NGOs to promote sustainable development and green growth. She also spearheads USCIB’s strategic international engagement initiative, which seeks to advance meaningful business participation and regulatory diplomacy in inter-governmental organizations.
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