New Study Demonstrates Trades Positive Impact on US Jobs

The Business Roundtable has released an update of a study from Trade Partnership Worldwide, LLC, entitled “Trade and American Jobs.”  Coupled with a recently revised study published by USCIB and the Roundtable on the positive net employment and other economic effects of outbound investment by U.S. firms, this newly revised report helps convincingly demonstrate how international economic engagement provides major benefits for the U.S. economy.

The BRT study’s major findings are:

  • U.S. trade continues to expand, and with it, domestic employment.  More than 38 million U.S. jobs depend on trade.  That means that more than one in every five jobs is linked to exports and/or imports of goods and services.
  • Service-sector jobs figure prominently among trade-dependent jobs in the United States.  In addition, contrary to popular belief, the net impact of trade on the overall number of U.S. manufacturing jobs is positive.
  • Trade-dependent jobs have grown at a faster pace than U.S. employment as a whole.

Click here to download the study.

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