2009 OECD Tax Conference: Program Overview

The OECD’s Evolving Role in International Tax Policy

Program Overview

*Speakers to be posted soon*

  • The OECD and Business: Tax Agenda and Process
  • Transfer Pricing Hot Topics: Keeping the OECD 1995 Transfer Pricing Guidelines Current

(a)   Comparability Issues

(b)   Use of Profit Methods

  • Recognizing When a Permanent Establishment Exists: Issues in the Article 5 Definition of Permanent Establishment
  • Addressing the Economic Crisis: The Role of the OECD in Responding to the Crisis
  • Attribution of Profits to Permanent Establishments: Developing a New Article 7 to Implement the OECD Conclusions on Attribution of Profits to PEs
  • Business Restructuring: Transfer Pricing Issues in Business Restructuring
  • Enlargement of the OECD: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Dispute Resolution and the “Enhanced Relationship”: Opportunities for Avoiding and Resolving Disputes
  • Ask the OECD: Your Opportunity to Ask the Questions on Your Mind

Staff Contact:   Rick Minor

VP and International Tax Counsel
Tel: 202.682.7376

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