Pro-Growth Internet Policies Are Essential Says Global Business

4625_image001As governments and other stakeholders prepare for the 8th annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF), which takes place October 22-25 in Bali, Indonesia, business is seeking to highlight why greater collaboration between stakeholder groups – and stronger pro-growth international policies – are needed if the Internet is to remain the world’s primary economic enabler.

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has called for greater efforts to bring about better, more consultative global policy-making, in order to maximize the potential of the Internet to power future economic growth.

“The role the Internet plays today in providing fresh economic opportunity, hope and jobs cannot be underestimated,” said ICC Secretary General Jean-Guy Carrier. “The policy-making community has a shared responsibility to support the Internet in this role by working together to create policy that facilitates new business growth and paves the way for new innovation in business models.”

As part of its focus on the role played by the Internet in job creation and economic growth, ICC’s BASIS (Business Action to Support the Information Society) initiative will highlight the dangers of not doing enough to advance policy that promotes international trade and investment that helps corporations of all sizes as well as individuals capitalize on the opportunities made possible by globalization.

USCIB has played an important role in organizing two workshops at the IGF, featuring members as moderators and panelists. These include a discussion of mobile and cloud computing featuring Jackie Ruff (Verizon), and a workshop on “Global Trade, Local Rules & Internet Governance,” where Ruff will be joined by Richard Beaird (Wiley Rein), Joseph Alhadeff (Oracle) and Barbara Wanner, USCIB’s vice president of ICT policy.

The IGF is being held in South East Asia for the first time, highlighting the important role that the region will play in the future of the Internet.

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Staff contact: Barbara Wanner

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