Robinson Joins 200 Business Leaders in Letter on International Affairs Budget

Ahead of the release of President Trump’s 2018 proposed budget that is looking to cut up to 31 percent of the State Department and USAID budget, USCIB’s President and CEO Peter M. Robinson joined over 200 business leaders in sending a letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The letter urged Tillerson to strongly support the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development Budget.

The letter emphasized the importance of partnerships between the private sector and these agencies, noting that these agencies catalyze and leverage private sector expertise and resources to create sustainable solutions at scale on a range of challenges such as energy, health, and agriculture.

“America’s global economic leadership also embodies our country’s values – promoting economic freedom, prosperity, and entrepreneurship that can mitigate the drivers of violent extremism in the world today. In today’s global economy, we have significant opportunity to strengthen the State Department, USAID, and our development agencies and the capacity to partner with the private sector to address global challenges and to expand opportunity,” stated the letter.

The letter was also covered by CNN Money and the Wall Street Journal (subscription log-in required).

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