Russia and the Way to OECD Accession

Russia has made the important achievements on its road for becoming an OECD member since the beginning of accession discussions in 2007. As BIAC has laid out in a 2012 paper Improving the Russian Business Environment, significant results have been achieved by the Russian authorities to align with OECD membership requirements (e.g., adhesion to the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention). Russia now continues to go through the examination of various OECD committees and bodies, and BIAC is actively taking part in this process. In particular, BIAC members were involved in the Market Openness Review which was conducted by the OECD Trade Committee and in the review conducted by the OECD Environment Committee.

On May 14, the BIAC Task Force on Russia convened for the first time at OECD headquarters in Paris to discuss Russia’s accession to the OECD and the Russian Presidency of the G20 with the OECD secretariat. BIAC members underlined that significant process has been made, but that more needs to be done to ensure open markets for trade and investment, fair competition policy and effective rule of law. Business especially remains concerned about the lack of implementation and enforcement of rules in Russia. BIAC will continue the close dialogue with OECD and BIAC’s Russian observer RSPP, and will organize a meeting to be held in Russia next spring to that end.

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