TPP: A 21st Century Trade Agreement

by USCIB President and CEO Peter Robinson

Golden_GateLike many in the U.S. business community and other key stakeholders, we at USCIB and our member companies are eagerly anticipating a successful and swift conclusion to the long-running Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations. We are encouraged by senior White House National Economic Council official Carolyn Atkinson’s suggestion last week that a successful conclusion may be imminent.

Experience dictates that the endgame of any international negotiation is always more complicated, more challenging and less predictable than foreseen. However, getting a comprehensive, ambitious, high-standard TPP agreement over the finish line is absolutely a top priority for our organization and our member companies. A strong TPP is good news for American workers, companies, communities and taxpayers.

From what I have heard about the prospective TPP agreement, I am forcefully reminded how different this agreement will be from other trade agreements that have gone before. We love NAFTA, CAFTA and the network of bilateral and plurilateral FTAs the U.S. has built over the past 30 years. They have paid tremendous dividends for our country. But it is not just for semantic reasons that the TPP is branded as a “Partnership.” rather than a “Free Trade Agreement”; the TPP goes well beyond a traditional FTA.

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President and CEO
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Peter Robinson is USCIB’s 15th president. USCIB, founded in 1945, is a policy advocacy and trade services organization dedicated to promoting open markets, competitiveness and innovation, sustainable development and corporate responsibility, supported by international engagement and regulatory coherence.
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