Trade and Investment Committee Reviews Broad Array of Developments

At the March 1 meeting of USCIB’s Trade and Investment Committee discussed a wide range of issues. They met with Bruce Hirsch, trade counsel with the Senate Finance Committee, and heard about a recent trip by the committee’s chair, Sen. Max Baucus, to Russia and his support for moving forward on permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) with the country. Members also discussed customs reauthorization, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, China trade enforcement and developments in Argentina.

Members were also briefed on work in the International Chamber of Commerce to update the ICC Investment Guidelines, the OECD’s work on competitive neutrality for state-owned enterprises, ICC’s upcoming Geneva conference on the WTO, and preparations for business input to the G20 summit in Mexico.

USCIB members may contact Rob Mulligan ( for more information and to obtain a written summary of the meeting.

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