Ajay Banga
President and Chief Executive Officer
ICC First Vice Chair
(effective January 2019)

H. Rodgin Cohen
Senior Chairman
Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

Thomas J. Donohue
President and Chief Executive Officer
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Lynn Doughtie
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Börje Ekholm
President and Chief Executive Officer

Lawrence J. Ellison
Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer
Oracle Corporation

Kenneth C. Frazier
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Merck & Co., Inc.

Alex Gorsky
Chairman of the Board of Directors and
Chief Executive Officer
Johnson & Johnson

Akhil Johri
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
United Technologies Corp.

Peder Holk Nielsen
President and Chief Executive Officer
Novozymes A/S

Muhtar Kent
Chairman of the Board
The Coca-Cola Company
(through Spring 2017)

Andrew Liveris
Chairman, President and CEO
Dow Chemical Company
(through Spring 2018)

Ian Read
Chief Executive Officer
Pfizer Inc

Bradford L. Smith
President and Chief Legal Officer
Microsoft Corporation

William H. Spence
Chairman, President & CEO
PPL Corporation

Mark A. Weinberger
Global Chairman and CEO

Senior Trustees

Ronald O. Baukol
Former Executive Vice President and Member of the Board

J.G. Clarke
Former Director and Senior Vice President
Exxon Corporation
USCIB Chairman Emeritus

Frank P. Doyle
Former Executive Vice President
General Electric Company

C. Meade Geisel, Jr.
Private Investor
Hessler Properties, Inc.

Richard D. McCormick
Chairman Emeritus, U S WEST
Former Chairman, International Chamber of Commerce
USCIB Chairman Emeritus

William G. Parrett
Former Global CEO, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
USCIB Chairman Emeritus and Vice Chairman Emeritus