Carnet Usage: Upon Return to the U.S.

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  1. Your Carnet is the property of the USCIB.  Upon completion of the final trip, the ORIGINAL Carnet, together with all used and unused certificates MUST be returned to the Carnet Service Provider.
  2. Make a copy of all the pages of the Carnet for your records.
  3. Send the original Carnet to the Carnet Service Providers address. This address can be found on the bottom of both the front and back of the Carnets green cover.

Staff Contact:   Anna Zhang

Senior Carnet and Claims Advisor
Tel: 212.703.5075

Anna Zhang supervises both foreign and U.S. Customs Carnet claims as well as payments to member countries of the ATA Carnet system. She has also worked extensively on expanding the Carnet system to China and other East Asian countries. Zhang has been affiliated with USCIB’s Carnet service since 1988, prior to which time she held positions with Svenska Handelsbanken, Boeing a nd Commerzbank.
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