US Business to Meet With Government and UN Representatives in New York

USCIB will hold “UN Door Knock” consultations on September 26 for USCIB members to meet with important government delegations and highlight key business recommendations on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Post-2015 Development Agenda and Green Growth. As the global community looks to set a new blue print for development, building on the MDGs and Rio outcomes, business is making a strong case to bring forward policies that drive economic growth, environmental stewardship and social development.

USCIB’s UN Door Knock consultations will signal the strong interest of U.S. business in a well-designed UN gameplan for development that involves and incents business. The meetings will also make the case for enhanced business engagement in the UN.

The Door Knock will be hosted by Pfizer and will begin with an orientation breakfast for USCIB Members. The day will consist of a series of consultations with representatives of the UN, the United States, Japan, and the European Union.

USCIB will also convene an International Business Green Economies Dialogue (GED) Luncheon Roundtable. This event will discuss the ways in which the SDGs can contribute to enabling frameworks for development, poverty eradication andgreener economic activity through innovation, investment and partnership
at national and international levels. It will highlight practicality for and the contribution from U.S. companies doing business in globalized marke

The GED luncheon roundtable will feature panel sessions on:

  • SDGs and Enabling Frameworks at the National
    Level—Job Creation and Infrastructure
  • SDGs and Enabling Frameworks at the International Level—Finance, Investment and Technology Deployment

The Roundtable will include invited speakers from government (Brazil, U.S., Kenya, Colombia), academia (Resources for the Future, MIT, UC San Diego) and the private sector (International Organization of Employers, USCIB).

To register for this event, please email Kira Yevtukhova ( Please note that participation in this event is restricted to USCIB members and invited guests.

Staff contact: Norine Kennedy

Staff Contact:   Norine Kennedy

Senior VP, Policy and Global Strategy
Tel: 212.703.5052

Norine Kennedy promotes U.S. business participation in international environmental policy and management initiatives, and works closely with industry, government and NGOs to promote sustainable development and green growth. She also spearheads USCIB’s strategic international engagement initiative, which seeks to advance meaningful business participation and regulatory diplomacy in inter-governmental organizations.
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