USCIB Congratulates U.S. on Signature of Anti-Counterfeiting Pact

New York, N.Y., October 3, 2011 – The group that represents American business on the global stage welcomed the conclusion of an ambitious international anti-counterfeiting pact between the United States and several leading nations.  The United States Council for International Business (USCIB), called the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) signed Saturday in Tokyo an important sign of more aggressive international cooperation to stem rampant counterfeiting and piracy.

“The business community congratulates U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk and his team for concluding this important agreement,” said USCIB President and CEO Peter M. Robinson.  “Strong action is needed to combat the worldwide proliferation of fake products, which threatens U.S. consumers, jobs and our competitiveness.”

According to USTR, the ACTA negotiations aim to establish a state-of-the-art international framework that provides a model for effectively combating global proliferation of commercial-scale counterfeiting and piracy in the 21st century.  The agreement also includes innovative provisions to deepen international cooperation and to promote strong enforcement practices.  Together, these provisions will help to protect American jobs in innovative and creative industries against intellectual property theft, USTR said.

In addition to the United States, parties to ACTA are Australia, the European Union, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore and Switzerland.

USCIB has a long record of advancing intellectual property rights around the world.  It was an early supporter of protecting IPRs in the World Trade Organization via the Uruguay Round.  As the U.S. affiliate of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), USCIB provides American business views to foreign governments and international organizations, including the World Intellectual Property Organization.  USCIB also helped launch ICC’s BASCAP (Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy) initiative, which coordinates the business community’s response, across industry segments and across national boundaries, in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy.

“Business is working with our partners around the world to keep action against counterfeiting and piracy at the top of the international agenda,” said Mr. Robinson.  “We look forward to working with the U.S. and other governments to ensure effective implementation and enforcement of ACTA going forward.”


USCIB promotes open markets, competitiveness and innovation, sustainable development and corporate responsibility, supported by international engagement and prudent regulation.  Its members include top U.S.-based global companies and professional services firms from every sector of our economy, with operations in every region of the world.  With a unique global network encompassing leading international business organizations, including ICC, USCIB provides business views to policy makers and regulatory authorities worldwide, and works to facilitate international trade and investment.  More information is available at

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