USCIB International Bookstore: ICC Court of Arbitration Bulletin

4976_image002ICC Court of Arbitration Bulletin, Volume 25, Number 2 just arrived in our bookstore.  Order by March 31st and save $10.00. The Bulletin provides legal practitioners, educators and the international business community with a wealth of authoritative information on ICC dispute resolution services and arbitration law.


  • ICC expert services
  • Legal and non-legal reasoning in ICC arbitral awards
  • ICC arbitral awards in oil and gas disputes involving MENA countries

In 2015, the ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin is succeeded by the ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin.  Subscribers will receive 2 issues (hard copy), one in June and another one in December.  Reserve before April 15th and save 10%.

What’s new for the 2015 Bulletin?

  • Greater focus on ICC procedures
  • More content: over 100 pages of awards per issue
  • New content: procedural orders in every issue
  • Expert commentaries on ICC practice and procedure
  • Wider coverage to include all ICC dispute resolution procedures.

Staff Contact:   Eric Robinson

Accounting and Claims Mitigation Analyst
Tel: 212.703.5078

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