USCIB, Keidanren Discuss Trade and Investment

USCIB’s Senior Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs Rob Mulligan and USCIB’s Director for Trade, Finance and Investment Eva Hampl recently attended a dinner hosted by Keidanren, Japan’s leading business group. Mulligan and Hampl joined Keidanren’s delegation of over 40 business leaders to discuss trade, investment and the mutual interests and areas of partnerships shared by USCIB and Keidanren. 

Mulligan gave a brief presentation on the role USCIB plays and highlighted areas where USCIB and Keidanren have worked together in the past. In addition to commenting on NAFTA, Brexit, WTO and China, Mulligan discussed comparable affiliate roles at BIAC and IOE as well as the joint work USCIB and Keidanren have done together such as the op-ed last year on the Trans Pacific Partnership and the recent China letter on cybersecurity. Mulligan also touched upon Keidanren and USCIB’s partnership with regards to the Major Economies Business Forum (BizMEF) and the extensive collaboration between USCIB and Keidanren on climate change.

“USCIB greatly appreciates our productive partnership with our Japanese colleagues at Keidanren and we look forward to strengthening our ties on trade and investment issues,” said Mulligan.

Staff Contact:   Rob Mulligan

Senior Counsel
Tel: 202.682.7375

Rob Mulligan oversees our wide ranging activities on international trade, investment, economic and regulatory matters, and supervises a staff of policy professionals whose expertise covers a host of issues affecting American companies engaged in global business. He also coordinates USCIB policy and advocacy work with the U.S. and foreign governments, our international affiliates.
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