USCIB President Named to Rand Commission on USEuropean Partnership


October 30, 2002


European affairs:

USCIB President Named to Rand Commission on U.S.-European Partnership


Recognizing that the time may be ripe for a major advance in transatlantic relations, the RAND Corporation has established a new “Commission on a U.S.-European Union Strategic Partnership” and has invited USCIB President Thomas Niles to serve on this select panel.


According to Robert E. Hunter, Senior Advisor to Rand and the commission’s co-chair: “We are proceeding on the premise that the new issues facing the transatlantic community since the end of the Cold War – the growth of European institutions, the emergence of a legion of common interests and concerns – call for intense dialogue about our shared purpose, potentially leading to a new strategic partnership between the U.S. and the European Union.”


Mr. Niles became USCIB President in 1999 after a long and distinguished diplomatic career, which included service as U.S. ambassador to the E.U. and assistant secretary of state for European affairs.  He is a much sought-after speaker and commentator on European issues and U.S.-E.U. relations.


Rand says an enhanced U.S.-European strategic partnership would ideally place concerns in contentious areas like trade, economics and the environment in a wider political and strategic framework, and would promote cooperation and common actions on a broad agenda of geostrategic issues.


The new commission will convene three times this fall, under Mr. Hunter and a rotating European co-chair.


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