USCIB to Host Dialogue on US Action Plan on Responsible Business Conduct

hands_and_huddleFollowing the September announcement by President Obama to develop a U.S. National Action Plan (NAP) to promote responsible business conduct abroad consistent with United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, USCIB and the NYU Stern Center for Human Rights will co-host an open dialogue on the U.S. NAP on December 15 at the campus of NYU Stern.

White House media release: Announcement of Opportunity to Provide Input into the U.S. National Action Plan on Responsible Business Conduct.

As the White House develops the National Action Plan, U.S. officials will attend a series of events hosted by independent organizations where stakeholders will be able to provide input on the National Action Plan process and content. Officials will outline current U.S. initiatives and plans to develop an effective national action plan in line with international standards. The New York consultation is the first in this series. U.S. officials also will participate in similar events in California, Oklahoma and Washington, DC throughout 2015.

The event will open with a plenary session and continue with small-group workshop discussions on a range of topics related to responsible business conduct. An agenda will follow. More about the National Action Plan can be found in the White House’s fact sheet and on the Business and Human Rights Resource Center website.

Staff contact: Ariel Meyerstein

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