Using Franchising to Take Your Business International

Using Franchising to Take Your Business International
Edited by Emily O’Connor
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Building an international network can bring great rewards of profits, and also increasing brand awareness.  Why, when and how a successful franchisor should go international are some of the questions addressed in this new book.  This guide will help you to decide whether to take the next step by outlining the difference between common law and civil law, as well as legislation in different countries and states.

Written in an accessible style, the text covers the myriad of legal and business questions a franchisor should consider in detail, i.e.

  • The steps to go international through franchising and the different contracts and agreements possible (Master Franchising, Area Development and Sub-Franchising)
  • Potential risks and pitfalls
  • Market and financial research
  • Legal planning (local laws, IP issues, public policy, laws with international application)
  • How to choose a candidate
  • Exit strategy

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