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“The reason that Carnets are so beneficial is that they eliminate the need to set up temporary import bonds (TIB) into a foreign country. There is also no outlay of any applicable duties and/or taxes. In addition, the one-time purchase of the Carnet removes clearance and bonding fees into the foreign country and upon return to the USA.”

A representative of Mohawk Global Logistics

“The ATA Carnet is like a Magic Passport.”

A representative of Rock-It Cargo

“The Carnet is a wonderful system…It allows us to take our samples to international fairs without the complications of customs import duties.  It has definitely enabled us to broaden our markets overseas.”

A representative of J & S.S. De Young

“The use of an equipment Carnet makes traveling much easier, more efficient and simply just expedites the whole process.”

A representative of CitiCam Film & Video Services

“With Vivid Collection’s participation in international exhibitions, carnets are an innovating and cost efficient way of sending high valuables to foreign countries without the burden of paying import taxes, duties or temporary bonds. Carnets are the future for international expansion.”

A representative of Vivid Collection

“I am so happy to recommend USCIB.  We have used their services for importing and exporting professional equipment. … [The staff is] helpful and attentive and actually remembers their clients needs… We have never had a problem at an international border and I thank the people at USCIB.”

A representative of NTV International Corp.

“Our company utilizes carnets on a frequent and “last-minute” basis. The entire online application experience is user-friendly and quick. … I am also very pleased with the new A4 type Carnets; they are easier to use and manage.   Preparation to ship time has been cut down with the elimination of copying and stapling the general list to each counterfoil.”

A representative of Harry Winston, Inc.

“Carnet is an organized and trouble- free method of entering a foreign country with commercial samples.  Carnets make it easy to cross borders without tax and duty consequences.  Without the Carnet, we would be unable to travel the way we do today.”

A representative of Almond International

“It takes the guesswork out of customs in every country.  Working with USCIB is a lifesaver.”

A representative of Planet Billard

“USCIB is a major ‘safe haven’ for doing international business.  We have always had a rough time shipping our trade show booths internationally until now! … Our company appreciates all the help and dedication in making sure our international shipping is a breeze.  Thanks USCIB.”

A representative of Skyline Displays of Pittsburgh

“The ATA Carnet is an invaluable tool to our international expansion.  Not only did it assist us when we first attended the Basel Show, but it continues today to be the best means to move our samples around the world.  We couldn’t do business around the world without it.”

A representative of Henry Dunay Designs

”For ten years you have helped provide a happy ending to each of our international cultural exchange projects.  Our ATA Carnets always read like a drama: eleven giant nine-feet-tall puppets, six animal costumes, twelve pair of feet, two icebergs, a palm tree… Every year it’s a different show with a different carnet of giant one-of-a-kind puppets needing to be transported.  Your carnet makes the transportation of our equipment trouble free.  Thank you for helping us make the puppet theatre’s arrival spectacular!”

A representative of BITS’ N PIECES THEATRE

“Oracle Corporation and its employees use Carnets as an effective ‘passport for goods’ which, by allowing easy cross international border flow of items such as trade samples and company equipment for use at trade shows, removes any potential customs delays.”

A representative of Oracle Corporation

“Carnets are the secret weapon”

A representative of Laufer Group International

Staff Contact:   Glendy Sung

Vice President, Carnet Operations
Tel: 212.703.5073

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